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WasteWatch promises to provide unmatched service and the best possible options for recycling or disposal for our customers waste streams.  We are committed to protecting your liability and our environment, so that we can all enjoy the great Pacific Northwest.

WasteWatch has been providing quality waste management and transportation services since 1996.  We strive to offer economical options for recycling, reuse or disposal for your non hazardous and hazardous wastes.   Our specialty includes all types of RCRA and TSCA waste materials, universal waste and nonhazardous special waste.  We have contracts with several recycling and disposal facilities across the US because of their unique handling capacities.  This allows us to offer competitive recycling /disposal options for most types of waste.  Waste Watch can provide LTL transportation and disposal services throughout the Pacific Northwest, Idaho, and Utah.


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We would greatly appreciate an opportunity to discuss your environmental and disposal needs.


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